Mark Lindquist is an accomplished photographer, sculptor, designer, author and gadgeteer. He is best known for his pioneering contributions to the Studio Woodturning / Sculpture movement.

His artworks are in major museums, corporate and private collections throughout the US and abroad, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; The Smithsonian American At Museum, Washington, DC; The Chicago Art Institute; Yale University Art Gallery; Boston Museum of Fine Art; Bank of America Corporate Collection; Hewlett Packard Corporation, Barcelona, Spain; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England, among many others.

He has been photographing since the the mid-1960s, working with small, medium and large format cameras, and currently owns and operates a 15,000 sq. ft. studio and archives in north Florida, near Tallahassee, the capital.

Currently, along with sculpting and designing, Lindquist is involved in numerous areas of photographic endeavor, including product, nature, people, abstract and experimental photography, and remote control systems.

Lindquist Studios owns four HP Z Series printers; (1) 44" Z3100, (1) 24" Z3200, and (2) Z3200ps 44" printers.

"I got my first HP Z3100 printer in 2005 shortly after watching a video by Michael Reichmann, Founder of Luminous-Landscape.com. I had been investigating the amazing features of the printer and knew right away that it was the printer for me. At the time, the only sure way to a good color workflow was buying custom made profiles, or getting the equipment to make custom profiles by yourself, in-house. The thought of doing that just bored me to tears as I knew it would be labor intensive for me, and I only wanted to photograph, edit, and then print, quickly and accurately."

"When the Z3100 came on the scene, with its embedded spectrophotometer, it literally rocked the large format printing world. Created by a crack team of 300 scientists of all kinds in Barcelona, Spain, it quickly became a force to be reckoned with, especially with the amazing Vivera inks the Barcelona color scientists created, boasting 200 year longevity and the ability to create and install ICC Profiles automatically. Since then, I have been working with our four Z Series printers, printing, maintaining, and repairing from those early beginnings. Thanks much in part to the amazing Luminous-Landscape forum and the international participants professional and hobbyists alike, I have learned a great deal and try to share my knowledge by way of this journal about fixing and taking care of HP Z Series Printers, or Zs, as I call them. You're welcome to browse my notes, maybe there is something to help you with a problem. They're just notes, so I can remember what I did as I have gone along appreciating and enjoying these marvelous printers. Special thanks to the HP Barcelona Team!"

Z3200.com Mark Lindquist Z3200 Notes

Quotes about Mark Lindquist from various threads on Luminous-Landscape Forum

" Mark Lindquist was kind enough to share a lot of info with me about where to find parts and the process of working on these machines.
 As far as I can see he is the most knowledgeable and helpful guy Hp ever had on their side.
Us Z users seem to be almost a cult following at this point in history." 

"Well the spectro works and everything looks great.  Best linearization Ive had in some time....thanks so much for your help...."

"Im very happy. When I printed out the Atkinson target everything looked perfect and my
grayscale patches and transition tonal was as smooth as a babys butt. So its working somehow."

John Dean, Dean Imaging, Atlanta, GA

"Mark, A good summary you made there. Too often we forget the right solutions
for the common Z problems and you packed them in an educating format."

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst Dinkla, Holland

700+ inkjet media white spectral plots

"Mark, you are definitely the winged lion when it comes to Zs and your offer will get you many brownie points in heaven.
There are crossroads in life and one must make decisions which may be right or may be wrong. I have made the decision on the Z.
I would not want to put you to the trouble of endlessly helping me on this machine and I am not going to spend another hour or dollar on it."

"Final feedback on this thread... ...super thanks to Mark for Z knowledge as well as emotional support!!"

"Mucho thanks to Mark. I now have two printers and all I need are customers."

Ian99, Toronto, CA

"Hi Mark, Thanks again for all of your help. You know this Z series very well!
Downgrading the Utility version to the one you sent me, 5.29, did the trick. I've got the full functionality now, and it's running properly
on my newest MacbkPro under OS10.11 (El Capitan). Also, the initial problems I was having trying to get the printer to
go from absurdly long "processing" times to actual printing was solved by your other suggestion as well, i.e., to fully turn off
and unplug the printer plus delete and reinstall the driver in the Mac "Printers and scanners" preference pane.
 My new Z3200PS is now running like a champ, and even playing nicely with Apple's color sync utility.
 I can now use ACU to "print as color target", and thus try profiling the Z with other profiling apps I own.
The standard profiling on the Z does a decent and incredibly convenient job, but bigger patch counts and perhaps
some newer profiling algorithms may help to coax every last bit of quality out of this very cool Z3200..."

Mark McCormick-Goodhart

"I took the Mark Lindquist z3200 crash course "Printing 103", and I think I Aced!"

"That was pretty special to step me though the process.  I printed a B&W and the profile I made
the way you stepped me through (making sure I got the right one)...."

"That one was just beautiful. So then I thought what had I been missing without the quad, so I ran the HP profile,
 and while it looked decent, there was much more punch to the print and profile we custom made!"

"I'm taking Mark's word over the other tech that I'm not working with.
I already purchased the lps belt, the HP oil, the improved bushings (he sent me 2), the fan."

"Thanks for everything Mark! I don't know if I could have gotten out of this without your guidance.
Your documentation of this printer is also something to praise.
Thank you!"

"Mark is good! (One of the) few of the top guns on the forum with "Z-knowledge"..."

Phil Indeblanc (Luminous-Landscape Forum member)

*NOTE:  I very much appreciate the thank-you notes and emails.  I have a super busy schedule and unfortunately I can't answer all questions individually.  If you have an issue with your printer, bring it to the Luminous Landscape forum if you can't fix it from the info on these pages.  It's a great resource for many issues and it has great folks on it!  That way, you can benefit from other opinions as well.

Please remember, I have made this page for my own notes - as I get older I forget how I fixed something, so this is a kind of journal.  If you use the information, do so at your own risk.  If it works, I'm a genius.  If not, I warned you.  Take care of your printer and it will take care of you.


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