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About the people who have influenced me and many other people using HP Z Series printers.

By Mark Lindquist 1-04-2017


Michael Reichmann was a visionary.  He was one of the very first to use the HP Z3100 printers
and immediately saw the advantages for photographers.  He fell in love with the printer's ability
to make faithful reproductions of his images, and he influenced countless thousands who went
on to purchase the printers which started a print revolution
because of the Z3100's ability to
make custom profiles. It was because of Michael's video and review that I became aware of
the printer and subsequently bought my first 44" HP Z3100 printer.

Above: Michael Reichmann's video on setting up the Z3100 24" printer, January 5, 2007.
This was before the printer was available on the market. Michael set it up, tested it and made prints.
Accompanying the video was a full review on luminous-landscape.com.

Ernst Dinkla

Ernst Dinkla is one of the most knowledgeable  professional printers on Luminous-Landscape Forum:Printing: Printers, Papers and Inks. At the beginning of LuLa, Ernst brought his significant expertise to the forum, helping Z3100 users, including myself, to start making color managed workflow generated prints.Ever patient and mindful he was dealing with photographers and artists, Ernst built a solid forum reputation as one of the most knowledgeable printers. Additionally, he has made his SpectrumViz plot system available as a resource for forum participants. Ernst has been supportive of my efforts to help individuals with Z3200 printer problems and has been a tremendous resource for me as well as countless others who go to Luminous-Landscape: Printing: Printers, Papers and Inks, looking for answers to questions.

Ernst answered the question: "What is a fine art printer?"

"I have printed for "artists" since approx 1975. Silkscreen printing in my own shop, some other techniques when I  founded, with some other guys, a collective artist's printing facility in 1981 (Daglicht, Eindhoven) and inkjet printing since 1999 in my shop again. "Artists" as I do not believe you would expect them to be alike in all qualities, so you may not expect that Fine Art printers are all made from the same mold. My view on it my differ from the next guy. I have no disdain for the local T-shirt printer, what comes from his shop has a market too and when his customers are happy with the product he must have some skills. Fine Art is already a superlative I would not use and is less used over here as we say Art which covers a wider field with less pretensions.

"What I find important in my work is to be able to understand the artist's goals or if I do not understand them, create a situation where it works for the artist, as long as my shop is not destroyed one way or another. Sometimes I have to warn them about possible problems but there has to be some flexibility like one adapts to the data and pieces they bring in. Wallet sizes differ too. I think my broad interests in technology helps but I know other art printers that are more practical in their approach and they have good solutions too. The other important thing is integrity in what you supply; in what the artists, galleries, musea, art buyers expect in print runs, media use, claims made. Yes, I have seen some cheating as well in that environment but I try to keep my end of the process clean as that lasts in time.

"If you check the knowledge of people here that write in some forums like the color management forum then I see that printing knowledge can be found in both art printers and the broader range of the printing facilities. It is is a good thing if it is available in an art print shop but does not work well if the other criteria summed up are not met.

"Some knowledge of art history, trends in art is convenient. An art printer will not appreciate all the art made in his shop but he should assist on all kinds of projects. In that sense his place is not different from a shoemaker repairing the customer's shoes of whatever fashion. If you want to be creative in art then do that in your own work and not by steering other artist's work in a direction you like. That said when asked by the artist which solution could be found for this or that expression of the work at hand you might suggest some ways with empathy, intelligence for the artist and the work. You should have experience in this technology that goes beyond that of the artist so there is a source. Suggest, not dictate. Give more than one solution."

Bryan Glynn

Bryan Glynn absolutely rocked the DIY repair world for HP Z Series printer users with the publication of his belt repair video on YouTube. When that video first came out, everyone was floored that a mere mortal would take it upon himself to undertake the job of a specialized repair technician and strip a printer down to its frame and effect repairs in-house sans the expensive repair man.

Bryan is of course one of the most supportive of all, even to this day keeping his video on his website when he no longer has his printer. Additionally, Bryan has been personally supportive giving me permission to publish some of his notes on my websites dealing with HP Z Series repairs. When I first balked at doing the repair, he casually stated that I was making too much out of it, and it could be done. His inspiration was what got me started repairing these printers.

John Dean

John Dean (deanwork on the forum) is a professional printer working out of Atlanta, GA, who has been a long time HP Z3100 user and supporter. John has exceptional knowledge and skills printing with the Z3100 printers. He has been supportive and helpful on several forums along with Ernst Dinkla (on Large Format Photography). John has shared his knowledge with many about the Z series printers and is an individual I would go to for information about how to accomplish the very best in fine art printing with black and white being a specialty. I'm very appreciative of John's help.

Geraldo Garcia

Geraldo Garcia is a professional printer working out of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.Geraldo is a wonderful resource on Luminous-Landscape, sharing professional experiences and techniques working with HP Z3100 and Z3200 printers.  Geraldo has been important to me for his supportive sharing of professional information and insights about the printers.  Recently he created a tutorial about making profiles for other printers on the Z3200ps printer and helped me with a hard to find solution to a difficult problem. I very much appreciate the support of Geraldo, an excellent all-around knowledgeable professional.

Mark McCormick-Goodhart

Mark McCormick-Goodhart owns and operates Aardenberg Imaging in Massachusetts, and is considered one of the leading authorities on paper and ink longevity. Mark has always been a voice of reason, and has an amazing background, having worked at the Smithsonian for 9 years, and founding Aardenburg Imaging which is the counterpart to Wilhelm Institute. Mark recently added a 44" Z3200 ps printer to his stable. I am in awe of his encyclopedic knowledge of color and color theory. Always helpful, Mark McCormick is another supportive individual deserving of significant acknowledgment and recognition. I appreciate Mark's contributions.

Others who have contributed:

John Nollendorfs

Ted Dickens

William Chitham


Kevin Raber
CEO and publisher of Luminous-Landscape

The HP Barcelona Team

Carles Magrinyŗ
(Worldwide Strategic Marketing Manager, HP DesignJet Printers)

*Special thanks to all the great folks on The Luminous Landscape Forum (Printing: Printers, Papers and Inks) there is a great deal of knowledge and help there. Professional printers, photographers, artists, and hobbyists, all share their experience and knowledge. An excellent resource.



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